First Fridays

Join us in Historic Downtown Lynchburg on the First Friday of every month beginning at 5pm. Check out the brand new First Fridays Lynchburg website for all the details.


Friday Cheers (2016)

Friday nights in Lynchburg during the summer are filled with live music, great food, and participatory art at Friday Cheers.

Winterlights on the Bluffwalk (2016)

Winter Lights is a project to create vibrant, temporary public art that illuminates the Bluffwalk, attracting visitors to visit downtown in the evenings of February and March 2016. 

Celebrate Diversity: Black Artists in Lynchburg (2016)

In February 2016, we highlighted the work of Black artist in our local region through web profiles, posters around the city, and an evening of live performances.

"Through the Eyes of the Homeless" Photography Exhibit (2015)

In 2015, homeless women at Miriam's House were given disposable cameras and asked to document their lives. The resulting images were exhibited at a gallery, offering a haunting and profound window into their reality. 

Keys for the Hill City -- Pianos in Downtown Lynchburg (2014-2015)

In 2014 and 2015, decorated pianos were placed around downtown Lynchburg's public spaces, for all to enjoy. Brightening up the cityscape, the pianos allowed experts and novices to play a tune.

Artful Bike Racks (2015)

In 2015, the James River Council for the Arts and Humanities crowdsourced the design of four "artful" bike racks, installed in downtown Lynchburg.

LOVE Sculpture (2014)

Have you been downtown to see the LOVE sculpture yet? It's a great place to meet before heading along the waterfront!

Voice of the Arts and Humanities Award (2014)

Highlights from the 2014 winners of the Voice of the Arts & Humanities Awards, presented March 6, 2014. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Kids Arts and Crafts at Lynchburg First Fridays (2014)

JRCAH has hosted family-friendly arts and crafts activities, with local artists sharing their expertise and enthusiasm with the next generation.