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We support public art with a purpose.

The mission of the James River Council for the Arts & Humanities (JRCAH) is to cultivate relationships and resources critical to a thriving cultural community in Central Virginia through advocacy, marketing, publicity, networking, and collaboration. We are committed to inclusivity and transparency in our endeavors.

The James River Council for the Arts and Humanities exists for three main goals:

  • To reflect the cultural and creative landscape of Lynchburg and the surrounding area
  • To connect communities
  • To encourage development and support of the arts and humanities

“Whatever the form, public art instills meaning—a greater sense of identity and understandings of where we live, work, and visit—creating memorable experiences for all.”

Americans for the Arts


Did You Know:

The Arts Are a Boon for Local Businesses

Lynchburg’s nonprofit arts and culture industry generates $10.8 million in economic activity and supports 251 jobs annually, according to an Americans for the Arts study.


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