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Mary Kumar - Painter

Mary Kumar holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Biblical Exposition and Sacred Music.  Art was one of her greatest childhood preoccupations. Mary lost her desire to create art after high school; however, ironically, she continued to attract and befriend artists throughout her college and postgraduate years.  In some sense, she lived vicariously through these vibrant artists with whom she shared community.

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Victoria Towns - Painter

Victoria Towns, Graduated from Mary Baldwin College (now University) in 2013 with a studio art major in painting and extended media. She is currently working at Riverviews Artspace with the Emerging Artists and with the Art to the People project. When she’s not helping artists or creating her own stuff you can find her with Rogue Productions or with her family.

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Julie Pierre - Painter

Julie Pierre is a self-taught, abstract artist using acrylic paints and alcohol inks. She’s originally from Kansas, but currently resides in Lynchburg, VA. She loves to create and is most drawn to fluid art and her personal fluid style represents “release”: release of control and the acceptance of things that cannot be changed.

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