Drink Up Lynchburg (2016 - 2018)

Drink Up Lynchburg is a program to provide artistic public drinking fountains downtown--public art with a purpose!  

Artists are being asked to design a creative exterior for a public drinking fountain that responds to geographic, social, environmental, and/or the historic context downtown in an effort to augment Lynchburg’s growing collection of public art, make a public good readily available to the public, and commemorate the City’s upcoming waterline project.

The fountain will be installed as part of the streetscape project and will be a fixture of downtown for years.

Project Background

The City of Lynchburg is embarking on a monumental project--replacing the water lines in over fifty blocks of downtown Lynchburg! Taking advantage of the situation and not causing this disruption twice, the City is implementing a streetscape project simultaneously.

Including drinking fountains in the streetscape is an easy and obvious element to include in a project spurred by waterline replacement. Less obvious is transforming the fountains into public art – a unique opportunity to celebrate and reveal the importance and history of public drinking water while enriching the downtown experience.

An Important Link with History

Fountains were once a revered feature of urban life, a celebration of the tremendous technological and political capital it takes to provide clean drinking water to a community.
— Pierre-Louis, Kendra "We Don't Trust Drinking Fountains Anymore, and That's Bad for Our Health." Washington Post. The Washington Post, July-Aug. 2015

Get involved:


  • Artists should submit a cover letter, letters of reference, prior work samples, drawings illustrating their design, and a budget for completing the work. Download the specifications here.

  • Submissions are due September 15, 2016.

  • Contact Kim Soerensen at 434 610-5447 or info@jamesriverarts.net with questions.


  • If you would like help to sponsor this event, you can do so by donating to us directly. Or, contact us at info@jamesriverarts.net or call 434 610-5447 to learn more about options for financial support.

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