Yasmin Edwards - Painter


Yasmin Edwards was born in New York and raised in Lynchburg, VA.  She attended Central Virginia Community College. 

Contact Info:

Phone: (434) 316-4722

Email: yazzyaware@yahoo.com

FB Pg: fb.me/yazzyaware



When did you know that you wanted to be an artist?

I have always enjoyed scribbling and drawing ever since I was a little girl. I am always sketching on some piece of paper, even on important documents if I am not careful. Art is a freedom of expression, and believe me, I have a lot to express. I knew I wanted to be an artist when I decided to let go of trying to be perfect with my art. I now have a newfound freedom when I just go for it.

How does your personal story/background influence your art?

I can’t really say that my background or my personal history influence my art. When I am inspired, I go with the flow until the next bout of inspiration hits.


Which of your works are you most proud of?

The one’s I finish. Lol I do still think the watercolor tiger I showed last year at Market at Main.

What is the hardest part about being a professional artist?

 I will tell you when I find out.



Name 2-3 artists that inspire you?

Instagram: heikala 

Instagram: phoebeatkey 

Instagram: Jeremy_lane_