Victoria Towns - Painter

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Victoria Towns, Graduated from Mary Baldwin College (now University) in 2013 with a studio art major in painting and extended media. She is currently working at Riverviews Artspace with the Emerging Artists and with the Art to the People project. When she’s not helping artists or creating her own stuff you can find her with Rogue Productions or with her family.

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Instagram: NonsensicalCreations

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When did you know that you wanted to be an artist?

Officially, when Disney’s Hercules came out, I met one of the animators for the film and it basically opened the door for me that I could be an artist. The type of artist I want to be has been a constant change, it’s varied from animator, to actor, to filmmaker, to painter, to now installation artist.

How does your personal story/background influence your art?

I would like to think that my work is influenced by the balance of controlled and uncontrollable parts of life. When I create a drawing with just ink it’s not always clean or predictable, but it’s always bold and leaves a mark. I love the contrasts of the bold ink mixed with carefully placed color adding in spices of life. As well as recently adding in more illustrative features among the paintings making it more like a collage and a story.

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Which of your works are you most proud of?

Current favorite is my art inspired by Rogue Productions, Hamlet.

What is the hardest part about being a professional artist?

For me as an artist, writing about myself or my art seems to be one of the hardest parts.

Name 2-3 artists that inspire you?

Oliver Herring -

Yayoi Kusama

Just Pfaff -

Any advice for aspiring artists?

Just do it! Create something from your heart or even if you don’t feel like you have anything worth saying know that it isn’t true. Just make something, draw something, paint, perform, or anything, just create something!