Meridith De Avila Khan - Photographer

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Meridith De Avila Khan is a photographer & writer who has made her home in Virginia for over a decade. Making beautiful images and telling compelling stories is the how she finds her way in the world. A former member of the Riverviews Board of Directors, these days she is on the leadership team of the local Tuesdays Together group of the Rising Tide Society (a group of creative entrepreneurs that value community over competition) and is a current member of board for the James River Council for the Arts and Humanities, and is organizing a Latinx film and culture night this fall. She is increasingly interested in art as activism, and is one of the newest volunteer embroiderers for the national non-profit Social Justice Sewing Academy.


Instagram: @meredithcreates

This collection of work titled "Near, Far" is a collection of iPhone-only photographs taken during Meridith's travels, including frequent roadtrips alone with her children. As long as she can remember, she's been called to the open road each summer; once, she drove through Canada alone, pre-smartphones, with only a paper map to guide her. Now, she enjoys seeing the world through her children's eyes, traveling 700 miles each way to visit loved ones throughout the United States. Because her freelance work involves a high volume of photography & editing, she often leaves the "big" camera behind and uses only her iPhone to capture their travels.

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This Art on Main exhibit features a collection of her work from the past few summers; she is captivated by the abstract shapes and unique scenes of the American roadtrip (particularly the agriculture and industrial complex), and here those anonymous shapes are juxtaposed by the bright joy of children enjoying summer vacation.