Christina Davis - Painter

I love to feature the subject matter of women and beauty I find to be within the very form and nature. I feel like my work is always self-exploratory as well as searching for inspiration and personal connections around me. Art gives me a way to express so much through color and the abstraction of familiar forms challenges one to see something new. I was once asked if it was necessary to create art for beauty. I say “yes” because not everything is found to be beautiful or defined beautiful do to standards set by others. Beauty can be a controversy and a fight. My work embraces identity that I can connect to but others can adore as well. Many tend to see my work and find a familiar face. My work is evolving and growing with me every year, and I tend think art is a journal for life. I make it for myself first and then it becomes something more.

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When did you know you wanted to be an artist? 

I find that to be a funny question because I don’t really have a carbon date on that yet. I just knew the feeling I had whenever I created a work of art was passion and something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It is part of my identity and story.

How does your personal story/background influence your work?

A lot of my work has to do with nature, beauty, animals, and identity of women. I think these are things that I connect to the most in life and subject matter I tend to lean towards. I think art has a way of showing us what ideas and feelings are most important to us. Line and color are so strong in every piece I create.

Which of your works are you most proud of?

My portraits. They capture so much and tell a story that I can’t always tell in full till the last brushstroke.


What advice would you give aspiring artists who come from minority or under-represented groups?

You have to put the hand out first and not hide your work away waiting on an opportunity to be handed to you. You never know who will be your current or next audience waiting to see and invest in your work. Your work will change and you have to keep up with it. Put the work into your art and watch it evolve. Have to be open to opportunities and seeking influences so you grow not change your work.