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Meridith De Avila Khan - Photographer

Meridith De Avila Khan is a photographer & writer who has made her home in Virginia for over a decade. Making beautiful images and telling compelling stories is the how she finds her way in the world. A former member of the Riverviews Board of Directors, these days she is on the leadership team of the local Tuesdays Together group of the Rising Tide Society (a group of creative entrepreneurs that value community over competition) and is a current member of board for the James River Council for the Arts and Humanities, and is organizing a Latinx film and culture night this fall. She is increasingly interested in art as activism, and is one of the newest volunteer embroiderers for the national non-profit Social Justice Sewing Academy.

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Kiera Hight - Photographer & Filmmaker

Kiera Hight was born and raised in Lynchburg, Virginia. She earned her BS in Cinematic Arts from Liberty University and then went on to work in the Film and Television industry. She has worked on many a feature and branched off to be an independent Director of Photography recently. Alongside her work in film she has a huge passion for photographic art and has been working to perfect her craft.

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