Andrea Lewis - Photographer

Life is a masterpiece. The world we see around us is a beautiful creation of color and form that goes beyond sight and embraces all the senses. Much of art utilizes value, motion, shape, perspective and emotion, creating a new work that sends out its own feeling and meaning.  Making a work that speaks its own story and captures or evokes a particular mood is one of the main goals of my art. Whether it’s merely depicting a previously existing idea, such as journalistic photography, or in creating a unique scene, like in my fine art photography; each image is a moment captured in time to be forever speaking into the viewer’s life.

In my photography I strive to capture that moment in time that can never be repeated. This is the idea that every image holds a specific millisecond unique to all others.  My work also seeks to capture the personality of the subject, not just what's visible on the outside. Whether it’s a candid shot from street photography, or a posed portrait session, each image is a one-of-a-kind glimpse on that life, in that moment. 

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

I've always loved art and photography. Ever since I can remember art has been a part of my life. When I went to college I knew I wanted to study the arts and make it a life-long pursuit. I graduated with my Bachelors in Studio and Digital Art, and now I am pursuing my Master of Fine Arts as well. 

How does your personal story/background influence your work?

My faith in Jesus Christ influences my work, as well as my goal of bringing out the best in people. In portraits, people are often nervous or afraid to have their photos taken. But it's my job to make sure they feel at ease, confident, and happy with the outcomes. My journey as an artist also impacts my work, as I know how far I've come, and I also know where I want to go in my development as a photographer. I believe that we are always growing and perfecting our skill (much in the way we are always growing in our faith), and the moment we think we've arrived is the moment that we stop becoming great artists. So no matter where I go in my work, I'll keep striving to do better. Sometimes I am my worst critique, but that helps me to develop stronger work in the future. 

Which of your works are you most proud of?

The images that truly capture the personality of the individual are some of my favorite pieces. Anyone can take a photo, but it takes time and dedication to learn how to bring out the personality of someone. Many of my more nature related works that hang in permanent displays at Liberty University are also pieces that I am proud of. It's always uplifting to see your work being appreciated and enjoyed rather than just sitting in a closet somewhere not being seen by others.

What is the hardest part about being a professional artist?

I think every artist goes through phases of doubt or insecurity in their work. Sometimes you wonder if what you're making is really impacting others, or is really as good as people say it is. When your livelihood is based on what other's think of your work, it can be quite daunting! But thankfully, God has blessed me with a gift to create. I'm very thankful for family and friends who support my art, and encourage me to keep  up the good work.

What are the names/URLs of 2-3 other artists that inspire you?

Michael Kenna is one of those photographers that I could stare at his work for hours. He creates captivating images that make me ponder and reflect on the world around me. His images are truly pieces of fine art. 

Vivian Maier is fascinating to me, as she was one of the world's greatest street photographers, but kept her skill secret until her death. Her images capture humanity at it's rawest and most genuine moments, And each image captures a story. I love her work. 

Annie Leibovitz is a another famous portrait photographer who always strikes me with her images. They are full of creativity and personality. There are many other photographers who motivate me and inspire me, among them are many friends and fellow local artists who keep me pushing to achieve my best. There are too many to name, but all of them help me to produce my best work.