Nora Elizabeth Sellick - Painter

Nora Sellick

Contact Info:

Facebook business page is The Purple Tree Art





When did you know that you wanted to be an artist?

I grew up on in the country on a farm surrounded by beautiful colors, interesting shapes, and an endless supply of creative materials. Hours were spent drawing, coloring or just staring at all the beautiful shapes found in nature. Alas, it was not until later in life I would be able to pursue my artistic passion.

How does your personal story/background influence your art?

Family, career, and just life put art on the back burner. During these years of raising a family, working as a nurse and later as a private nanny, I would remain in touch with my artistic side. Sharing my love of art with my children and grandchildren and never missing an opportunity to put pen or paint to paper. Upon semi-retiring there years ago art became my almost full time obsession. Taking watercolor and oil painting classes plus teaching myself the wonderful techniques shared by those in the virtual world of art. I have a love for all mediums but acrylic and mixed media remain my favorite. Although I never turn down the opportunity to photograph that special sunset or flower. Rediscovering my love of art has been a journey much like a tiny snowflake turning onto a huge snow ball. I hope to be to share my joy of creating art for many years to come.