In light of recent events across the country I am announcing the launch of a new fundraiser and art project “Art Unites US”. The purpose of the project is to illustrate that we have more in common than differences and our community needs that more than ever!


To this end JRCAH would like to encourage the production of artisanal work which enlightens and promotes the values that unite us, not divide, and also help foster our collective creative spirit for the common public good. 

JRCAH is seeking to raise a minimum of $1000 to fund the prize for the winning artist to create such uniting Art.

As Vice President of the James River Council for the Arts and Humanities, I have been trying to figure out a way to “do something” in light of everything that’s been happening in recent years. I’ll call this my “pet project” that I’ve been stewing on for a year now. In light of recent events, I put in my LAST PUSH to get this project approved. And it WAS approved on the condition that it can be self funded since we are a small non-profit. I appreciate the board approving this past Thursday and now it’s launched!

- Jason St. Clair (Vice President)

So please donate today at or click on the “donate now” button below.. All we need is $1000 to start the work, but just $5 by many can add up. Please Donate now! #artuniteslynchburg